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June 2008 || Players on my stage...
Below, you shall find listed the current cast of characters in this play I call my life... As usual, it reads like a bar tab...

frozen-vodka - little-f, little-v (am I anal when i say it has always irked me when people capitalize that?). C'est moi... myself. This tiny twinkle in this little star.


Jack Daniels - sometimes shortened to "JD" or usually just "Jack." This is my mother.

Shirley Temple - shortened to "Shirley," this is my grandmother.

Roy Rogers - shortened to "Roy," this is my grandfather.

Patron - my beloved cousin, brother of my heart, much adored and hero worshiped. **note** Any man that thinks he may have a shot with me, needs to pass muster with THIS guy first.

Margarita - my beloved cousin's wifey, and sister of my heart. Often shortened to "Rita."

Courvoisier - my baby sister, she's vegan, straight-edge, and loves the gangsta rap. Go fig. Often shortened to "Coovy." Because it's catchy and easier to type/say.

Boone's Farm - my half sister who I only recently began to acknowledge.


Bier-Meister - of all the guys I've dated, and fucked, and crushed on, this one has my head all turned around, more so than any others ever have. I don't know kiddies... I'm not using the dreaded "L" word, but he's got a pretty firm grip on my heart.

Smirnoff Ice - my first best friend. Oh, how I adore her. Shortened to "Ice," because she's cool like that.

Sailor Jerry Ice's bf, and a cool kid in his own right. AKA: "Jerry"

Jaegermeister - one of my dearest friends, a staunch Mormon, and crazy as hell. AKA: "Jaeger"

A&W - Jaeger's husband, an even more Mormon, mormon. Fantastic, none the less!

Dirty Martini - an utter cad and brother of my heart. AKA: Dirty

White Zinfandel - Dirty's ex, adorable girl, whom I shall love like a sister forever. AKA: Zin

Captain Morgan - one of my friends from the college that I sucked into the SCA. AKA: Cap'n

Guinness - yet another friend from the old days that I've sucked into the SCA. AKA: Guin

Whiskey Sour - an adorable girl that is one of my dear SCA buddies. AKA: Sour

Fat Tire - an awesome guy that has decided to embark on a project that will own my soul for the rest of my SCA life. AKA: Fattie

Cuervo - he loves tequila like I do, and one day, we plan on meeting midway between where he lives, and where I live, and having tequila shots till we black out.

Mrs. Cuervo - kind of self explanetory.

Gin & Tonic - my other mom. No, not that way, just one of those people that come in to your life full of fantastic advice and boundless love. AKA: GnT

Scotch - one of the only friends left out of Portland.

St. Pauly Girl - the other friend left out of Portland, and... my secret love affair that Scotch doesn't even know about... AKA: Pauly

Limeaid - A&W's little brother

Dubbins and other fur-babies

Mama - my first, and greatest love

Izzy - my second and most adored

Ellie - my third... we tolerate one another

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